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Update packagemanifests make recipe variable PKG_MAN_OPTS

If your project uses the packagemanifests make recipe, update your PKG_MAN_OPTS variable to include PKG_FROM_VERSION instead of FROM_VERSION, ex:


See #4303 for more details.

Update your Go project’s controller-runtime version to v0.6.4

In your go.mod file, update the version to v0.6.4

See #4282 for more details.

Upgrade your Go project from “” to “”

The newly released go/v3 plugin has many new features and (breaking) changes incompatible with projects created by go/v2. You are not required to upgrade and your go/v2 project will continue to work with new operator-sdk versions. If you wish to upgrade, check out the upstream migration guide.

Additionally, if using project version “3-alpha”, you must update your plugins config field:


plugins: {}


plugins: {} {}

See #4307 for more details.