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Install the Operator SDK CLI

Install from Homebrew (macOS)

If you are using Homebrew, you can install the SDK CLI tool with the following command:

brew install operator-sdk

Install from GitHub release


1. Download the release binary

Set platform information:

export ARCH=$(case $(arch) in x86_64) echo -n amd64 ;; aarch64) echo -n arm64 ;; *) echo -n $(arch) ;; esac)
export OS=$(uname | awk '{print tolower($0)}')

Download the binary for your platform:

curl -LO ${OPERATOR_SDK_DL_URL}/operator-sdk_${OS}_${ARCH}

2. Verify the downloaded binary

Import the operator-sdk release GPG key from

gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 052996E2A20B5C7E

Download the checksums file and its signature, then verify the signature:

curl -LO ${OPERATOR_SDK_DL_URL}/checksums.txt
curl -LO ${OPERATOR_SDK_DL_URL}/checksums.txt.asc
gpg -u "Operator SDK (release) <>" --verify checksums.txt.asc

You should see something similar to the following:

gpg: assuming signed data in 'checksums.txt'
gpg: Signature made Fri 30 Oct 2020 12:15:15 PM PDT
gpg:                using RSA key ADE83605E945FA5A1BD8639C59E5B47624962185
gpg: Good signature from "Operator SDK (release) <>" [ultimate]

Make sure the checksums match:

grep operator-sdk_${OS}_${ARCH} checksums.txt | sha256sum -c -

You should see something similar to the following:

operator-sdk_linux_amd64: OK

3. Install the release binary in your PATH

chmod +x operator-sdk_${OS}_${ARCH} && sudo mv operator-sdk_${OS}_${ARCH} /usr/local/bin/operator-sdk

Compile and install from master


  • git
  • go version 1.15
    • Ensure that your GOPROXY is set to "|direct"
git clone
cd operator-sdk
git checkout master
make install

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