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Custom Resource Annotations in Helm-based Operators

Use custom resource annotations to configure how reconciliation works.

This annotation can be set to "true" on custom resources to enable the chart to be upgraded with the helm upgrade --force option. For more info see the Helm Upgrade documentation and this explanation of --force behavior.


kind: Nginx
  name: nginx-sample
  annotations: "true"
  replicaCount: 2
    port: 8080

Setting this annotation to true and making a change to trigger an upgrade (e.g. setting spec.replicaCount: 3) will cause the custom resource to be reconciled and upgraded with the force option. This can be verified in the log message when an upgrade succeeds:

{"level":"info","ts":1591198931.1703992,"logger":"helm.controller","msg":"Upgraded release","namespace":"helm-nginx","name":"example-nginx","apiVersion":"","kind":"Nginx","release":"example-nginx","force":true}